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Pagan Radio Presets

Listen to these fine Pagan, New Age, Paranormal, Trance and Goth internet radio stations, hosted by Live 365, the world's largest Internet radio network. Live365's programming is created by music fans. The result is the most diverse array of high-quality streaming audio, with station in all genres, broadcasting from over 100 countries! Click here to get the Live 365 Internet Radio Player, or sign up for your own internet radio station.
Dr. Jane Ma'ati Smith C.Hyp. Msc.D. interviewed on Blog Talk Radio, by Royce of the Paranormal Palace. Topics covered include the Hermetic philosophies, Quantum physics, metaphysics, magick, energy healing, self hypnosis and more!
UFO Paranormal Radio Ufo Alien Phenomena-this is a support group for the study of alien contactees that broadcasts live, from New Orleans. Listen in, to real people, with real experiences you will hear no where else!
Stream of Consciousness Eclectic homegrown mix of conversations, speeches, interviews, live events. The current rotation features the recent Sooner Tea Party, recumbent trikes, the paranormal, five indie filmmakers, personal terrorism, politics, prosperity, & musicians.
The Spiral Dance Music and talk for and about the Wiccan and Pagan community, with a weekly live broadcast every Saturday from 10AM till noon. the Spiral Dance
Celtic Melt Close your eyes while you listen and imagine dancing the waltz of your life with the rolling emerald hills Ireland laying in wait for you. brought to you by Celtic Melt and Distant Suns
Dr. Dick's Dub Shack Playing all species of Dub ranging from the original classics of the 60s & 70s to 21st & 33rd Century DigiDub. If it has a wicked bassline with lots of echo, reverb and sound effects you'll find it being played here. Brought to you by Dr. Dick's Dub Shack
Astreaux World A place where sound is interpreted as light, voice as touch, and rhythm as adrenalin, astreaux is the meditative state of the body electric. Please remember to anchor at least one dna strand before departing. Brought to you by Astreaux World
All Things Pagan Pagan Themed music. The Idea is All Things Pagan so I try to incorperate Different Pagan Paths plus music I love and enjoy. All of it invokes special memories and pleasurable feelings that I have experienced. So! Come Hear The Magick!
Faerie Radio The official online station for the Faerieworlds and FaerieCon Communities! Goregeous Celtic, New Age and Ambient music create a soundtrack for living a magickal Life!
Ren Radio Renradio plays the best in Renaissance Fair music, and Pub songs. Plus a large helping of Scottish and Irish folk music. And a nice side dish of contemporary Celtic music. Brought to you by Ren Radio
Dreaming Galaxy This radio broadcasts unconventional music mainly in the New Age, Celtic, New Medieval and Pagan folk style. As well as in the universe, there are no borders for the DJ in this inspirational music.
RED BLOOD Gothic Radio Tidings! RED BLOOD Gothic Radio All Goth, all day & all night! Siouxie, Flir, Bad Karma, Specimen, Plastic Noise Experience- the very best in Goth! Brought to you by Kiss the She Fire
Mystic Sound Scapes Mystic Soundscapes plays a variety of new age, world, celtic and ambient music. Brought to you by Mystic Sound Scape
Dryad Radio New Bands are being added all the time. Find music by Dead Can dance, soil bleeds black, Enya, Gary Stadler, Omnia, Trobar De Morte, Rhapsody, Battle Lore, freedom call, manowar, and many more.
Lady Slipper Ladyslipper Internet Radio is like a 21st-century listening party or a non-stop Women's Music Festival! Brought to you b Lady Slipper
Radio Praetoria Music that Sings to the Soul and Sparks the Imagination! The Best in New Age/Ambient/World/Electronic Music on the Internet. Music to relax to...to study to...to live!
The Hungry Ghost A melodic mix of dark moods and minor keys. Lothlorien, Afro Celt, Dead Can Dance, McKennitt. Updated often.
Psy Trance Mission Live from Portugal to the world! A journey of Psytrance soundscapes in a pluriverse of emotions! Heavy dance beats!
Radio Saulesjosta Live from Riga Latvia! Celtic, Wiccan pagan and World Music, brought to you by Saul Josta

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