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Money Tree Free Prosperity Spell!

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2 prosperity spell votive candles a miniture orange or kumquat tree if you don't feel confident growing
a tree, an aloe vera plant
plant food prosperity spell cone incense prosperity spell oil
spring water heal all herb jasmine flowers patchouli leaf large terra cotta pot a dollar bill

On the evening of the Full Moon, set up an area where you can leave the ceremonial items undisturbed, overnight (an altar). Place your plant in the center of it. Contemplate this plant, and with sincerity, repeat this Earth prayer:

I am grounded and rooted firmly in the earth, like this plant. I draw nourishing energy from the Earth, the Sun, the Air, and Water, like this plant. The elements of life sustain me.

Add the recommended amount of plant food to the spring water, and say this Water prayer:

Water, giver of life, oasis in the desert, quench my thirst. Always moving, always flowing, like a great river, a gentle stream, like the waves of the ocean, I will not grow stagnant. I ask the powers that guide and protect me to bless this offering.

Place this water to the left of your plant. Inside the pot, with a permanent marker, write this incantation:

I am a living, growing being, just like this plant. Always changing, ever evolving, I reach for the sky, yet remain rooted firmly in the Earth. I nourish and nurture this plant, the symbol of my prosperity, and in return, the Universe nourishes and nurtures me. Every day this plant grows a bigger, a greener, more lush, and soon it will blossom and bear fruit, just as my life will blossom, and bear the fruit of prosperity.

Make sure you get a pot big enough to write all this! Now take the patchouli leaf, heal all, and jasmine, sprinkle it with a few drops of essential oil, and mix them together into a potpourri. Place this in your terra cotta pot, and put it to the right of your plant.

Now, use a few drops of prosperity spell oil to dress the candles. You can rub a little on your temples, too. Place one prosperity spell candle to the left of the plant, and another propserity spell candle to the right. As you light them, say the Fire prayer:

Candle flame, element of fire, consume the poverty I feel in my heart. Transform my heart into a fertile field in which a new life of abundance will grow.

Now, imagine yourself to be a tree, roots reaching far into the Earth, branches reaching high, high into the sky, feel yourself growing. When you feel really strong and solid, repeat the incantation you wrote in the pot. Say it over til you feel satisfied, then light two cones of prosperity spell incense, one in each candle. Then say the Air prayer:

On a gentle breeze, a strong wind, in the still warm air of summer, my hopes, prayers and dreams rise like a fragrant smoke. Like the Gods, the element of Air is everywhere, unseen but real. It connects and sustains all life, and with every breath I take, I am more deeply woven into the fabric of the world. My breath is my connection to the natural abundance and goodness of the Earth, it is my constant and sustaining prayer.

Now, on the Front of the dollar bill, write your name. On the back write the word ABUNDANCE. Set this in the center, right in front of your plant.

Feel finished with this ritual, and go out for a long walk. If you can not walk far, go to a movie, a restraunt, just get out into the world. If you go out to eat, leave the waitress a nice big tip! The point is, get out of your house, get out of yourself, and take a look around with new eyes! See the world as a place where you belong, a place full of opportunities.

In the morning, after you've had breakfast and feel awake, it will be time to finish by transplanting your plant to its new pot. Start by removing the potpourri, and place it in a bowl or basket somewhere where it will scent your environment. Then place a few inches of soil on the bottom of the pot, and place the dollar bill on top of that. Then put in the plant. Say this:

As the roots of this plant grow through this symbol of prosperity, so shall my roots reach into the abundant heart of the Earth.

Place your plant in a nice, warm sunny place. Know that as it grows, little by little, so will the abundance in your life. Be patient, it wont happen over night. DO NOT OBSESS ON THE SPELL! Once you are done, it is done. You can keep it in the back of your mind, while you keep your eyes open for opportunities. Be thankful for even the smallest gift you might receive.

On a weekly basis, as you water the plant, repeat the incantation to yourself. Take this time to make sure the plant is healthy and give it any extra care it needs.

If your plant dies, dont worry or take it as a bad omen! Its possible the plant has absorbed a lot of negativity, so you should re-do the ritual with a new plant, which more than likely will do better.
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