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Free Love Spell, how to cast a love spell fast!

The Speedy Free Love Spell for a Quickie Soul Mate!

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Before you start, please read our short article "what is a soul mate", so your magick will hit the right target!

charged love candle rose oil dried jasmine flowers dried red rose buds
dried patchouli leaf amethyst pyramid rose quartz massager wood box

The day before the full moon, place the dried flowers and patchouli leaf in the wood box. Bury the crystals in the dried herbs, and hide it in a safe place. This will begin the process of charging the crystals.
On the evening of the Full Moon, annoint the candle with rose oil. Light it. Now, annoint the amethyst crystal massager with rose oil, and begin massaging yourself, starting at your feet. While doing this, repeat this incantation:

I am infused with the light of love
I radiate love from my center
magnetized with positive energy
like attracts like
my lover is drawn to me
like magick!

When you are thoroughly massaged, your aura will be positively charged and cleansed. Now, take the amethyst pyramid in your hands, and repeat:

This pyramid is infused with light
it radiates light from it's center
magnetized with positive energy
like attracts like
my pyramid attracts love like magick!

When thoroughly charged, replace the pyramid in the box, and place it under your bed. Let the candle burn all the way down.

Use the rose oil, massager and incantation regularly, to keep yourself positively charged. You can also carry it as a charm.

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