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Free Love Spell, for serious cases

When a Soul Mate Seems Impossible, Try This Free Love Spell!

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Before you start, please read our short article "what is a soul mate", so your love spell will hit the right target!

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This is a long, involved spell, designed to neutralize negative love vibrations which you have absorbed, and infuse your being with vibrant, healthy, loving energy, then finally, charge your aura in such a way to attract love to you in abunance!

7 knob white candle 7 Holy Spirit Bath salts sage and lavender smudge stick rose oil 2 green charm bags green woman candle small wooden box love votive candle
dried jasmine flowers dried hibiscus flowers dried red rose buds dried rose hips red sandlewood chips dried rosemary Shiva Lingam stone love bath salts

New Moon phase

On the evening of the half moon leading up to the New Moon, begin by smudging your home. While smudging, pray earnestly,

I banish fear, uncertainty and sadness

I banish doubt, I banish anger

I banish those who feed on my oppression

Out! Out! Out!

I banish thee within and without!

Begin in your bedroom, go through the house, ending up in the bathroom. Have the 7 knob candle set up there, on a saucer. Pour the rosemary on the saucer, around the candle. Begin running water for a bath. While the water is running, light the candle and pray,

suffuse this offering with the power to draw away darkness

Use the Holy Spirit 7 bath as directed, and bathe and massage every part of your body, allowing the negativity in your aura to be washed out. Feel anger, fear, doubt, etc., being drawn out and neutralized. When done bathing, sweep the rosemary into the charm bag, and keep it over your stomach, over your second chakra, while you sleep and during the day. It will draw negative vibrations away from your aura, through your second chakra.

Repeat this ritual every other day, burning one knob on the candle each time. This phase should end before the New Moon. When the candle is finished, cast the charm bag and the rosemary into a fire, to dispell the negative energy forever.

Full Moon phase

On the evening after the New Moon, thoroughly annoint the green woman candle with rose oil, and surround her with the dried flowers, and the Shiva lingam. Do not light it! Calm yourself, breathe deeply, and call into the green woman the spirit of the Great Mother Goddess, petitioning her to infuse flower and stone with her radiant, feminine energy and warmth. Pray deeply for her to bless the work you will be doing, and to grace you with the love you deserve. Do this nightly until the and store the herbs and the lingam in the wooden box, along with the candle under your bed. On the evening before the Full Moon, light the green Goddess candle, releasing the blessing of the Goddess into your environment permanently.

On the evening of the Full Moon, run a bath with the Love bath salts. Annoint the love votive with rose oil. Light it, and pray

I shine

like a beacon

a light in the darkness

my love will find me!

After the bath, annoint yourself with rose oil, repeating-

glowing bright with passion

soft as a rose

I have the radiance

of a woman in love

glowing bright

my lover will find me

Sweep the herbs and the lingam into the second charm bag. It is now thoroughly charged to attract love! Keep it with you, or in your bedroom. Now is the time to be through with the spell. Know that your work is over, and put it out of your mind. Take good care of yourself- love is just around the corner!

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