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Find a New Job, with this free Wiccan Magick Spell!

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The night before the Full Moon, store the crystal in the sea salt, to purify its energy.

On the night of the Full Moon, annoint the prosperity candle with cinnamon oil. Light it, then use this flame to light the smudge. Smudge yourself and your aura, while repeating this incantation

I am purified
and magnetized
with the power
to attract
the job of my dreams

Now, by the light of the candle, write down everything you want in a job, or to happen with your present job- salary, hours, location, and more importantly, the type of people you want to be around, and the sort of work atmosphere yhou wish to be in- casual, formal, professional, friendly, etc.

When you are done, rub the herbs into the paper, then carefully fold the herbs into the paper, like a little envelope. Place the quartz pencil in with the herbs, while repeating

my job is signed and sealed
to me
contentment, honor, prosperity

Drip some candle wax to seal this envelope, and slip it into the green velvet charm bag. Smudge yourself and the room again, and carefully smudge the leftover salt.

Whenever you go to a job interview, cast a pinch of this salt over your left shoulder. Or, sprinkle it around your current workplace. Keep the charm with you at all times.


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