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Find a New Home, with this Free Magic Spell!
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red sandlewood chips green charm bag patchouli oil rose hips paper & pen
On the night of the Full Moon, annoint the yin yang candle with patchouli oil. Light the candle, and from the candle, light 2 sticks of incense.

Hold the amethyst egg between your palms, in a prayer position, and meditate on the type of home you want. When you have it completely visualized- not only the floor plan, price and location, also the neighbors, neighborhood, safety, crime, etc- write it all down.

Next, pour the herbs on the paper and say, with the egg folded in your hands

my home, my nest
I plant the seed
the egg is formed
a new place
for me

Repeat this til it feels "set". Sweep half of the herbs into the wood box, and place the amethyst egg into it. Fold the paper, and place it into the charm bag with the rest of the herbs. Keep this with you, especially when you are out and about- it will act as a beacon, or homing device, for your new home. Place the wood box with the amethyst egg in your present home, to also attract what you desire.


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